Business Analysis Consultation: Your first step

Many business owners and managers would like to know the total health of their company and the areas for potential growth.

You will know which systems are working well, and which ones could be better.  Ask yourself this question:  “What makes you mad, upset or frustrated?”  This should be the first priority you have addressed.

The BAC (business analysis consultation) is more than sharing information about “What’s not working well.”  You’ll immediately obtain information on how to resolve the issues or concerns in your company.

Do your team members work ‘on’ their reports and understand the numbers that drive the success of your business?  Do you sit down, coach and give them feedback, creating value for their efforts?

Essentially, this is the “X-ray, Exam and Diagnosis” for your business and is the best investment you will ever make in your company!

What you get:

  • Review of business information and materials
  • Three hours of Tele-Consulting or onsite visit, depending upon the program you choose
  • Fees vary. Please call for more information: 877-343-0909

2. Team Retreats

A team retreat brings you, your team and a facilitator together in a relaxed setting. You’ll focus on team building and getting everyone on the same page.

We create a custom-designed workshop to be held from 8:00 am to noon for two days at a destination of your choice. You select the ideal resort/retreat destination

  • The owners, managers and team members fill out the confidential questionnaires, along with a Business Analysis two-page form
  • We’ll review and discuss your goals and needs
  • Savage Success will create a custom designed conference for the necessary time frame, to guide you towards your two to five year business vision

3. Customer Service Training for your Front Desk Team

What better way to optimize excellent systems for the administrative team than by a custom designed one-on-one training session for your office?

1.5 days on-site exclusively with the front office administration team.

Learn how to enhance financial presentations and increase sales/treatment acceptance overall.

Learn collection strategies that get results, including increasing over-the-counter collections and decreasing accounts receivable.

Learn the art of productive scheduling and communication techniques that reduce last minute cancellations and broken appointments.

  • Receive report analysis prior to in-office visit plus a copy of DVD “The Savage Front Desk” prior to in-office visit, up to five hours of follow-up training via phone or Skype to include coaching, analysis of accountability systems, continued staff training and/or mystery calling.

4. Distance training for your team members:

Does your staff need training and you don’t have any time to train them yourself?

Is there a question that your front office team need answered?

By overwhelming requests, distance training is your answer!

How does it work?

Simply call 877-343-0909 and schedule your session today! You can set the agenda and we can train your front office team members without having to send them anywhere! Skype, Go to Webinar or phone training is available.

Sample Agenda:

  • Verbal skills to reactivate overdue patients
  • What to say on collection calls
  • How to present a great case presentation
  • Tips on successful scheduling