Practice Administrator Workshop – Clearance


Learn how to hire, train, and determine the long-term success of your Practice Administrator in this 7-audio CD workshop!


7 Audio CDs – Clearance Item

No longer can dentists keep up with total patient care, the business of dentistry, marketing, continuing education, the facility, new techniques, materials, technology and personnel. Simply put…dentists need help. Knowing how to hire this person has become a real time-consuming task. Many Practice Administrators have a title but little knowledge of how to do the job correctly. They receive little respect from the team they are trying to direct and empower, and receive little praise from the dentist owner, since things are not going as smoothly as the dentist hoped.

  • The Whys and Hows of Hiring and Training a Practice Administrator
  • Determining the Long-term Success of the Practice Administrator’s Position
  • The Practice Administrator’s Sphere of Responsibilities
  • Management Systems (Scheduling, Recall/Reactivation, Charting, Collections, Insurance, Inventory)
  • Personnel Management, Hiring and Retaining (Instilling Teamwork, Enthusiasm and Accountability)
  • Budget and Overhead Control
  • Becoming an On-site Consultant to Your Own Practice
  • Leadership at All Levels
  • Does not include workbook