Keeping the Schedule Full and Productive – Recorded Webinar




Why are patients cancelling and failing?”


Open time in the schedule hurts the practice.  Why do patients fail or cancel? There are many factors, but crucial ones are fear, money and lack of perceived value.  What you say and how you say it does matter.  There will always be some issues with last minute schedule changes, but there are things you can do now to fill your schedule AND be productive.  This dynamic, fast paced webinar will focus on today’s economy and patient perceptions.

You will be able to immediately implement:

  • Verbal skills that keep your schedule full
  • The hygienists ‘story’ and the use of technology
  • A treatment plan tracking form
  • Transform your emergency patient into a new patient, starting with the phone call
  • Your recare system:  Are you reaching patients where they’re at?