Exceptional Practices Make Change Stick! – Recorded Webinar




New York economist Tom Friedman says “the world is an emerging DIY economy, made possible by low cost, high powered technologies and innovation.”  So, if we’re living in a “DIY economy” and the world is changing rapidly, we need to come to terms with the fact that dentistry needs to evolve along with it.

What are we seeing in dentistry?  The patient is able to hold the practice accountable in five seconds. Patients are more impatient, want the best and will negotiate price.  And, there’s always someone around you who can undercut your fees and will.

How does the exceptional dental practices stay current and meet the patient’s needs?  They’re willing to change and make the change stick.  Even in unstable times, dental practices improve most when they put fear out of their mind and move forward.

‘Sticky’ best practices are forward thinkers, planers and disciplined ‘doers’.  Every day, new ideas need to be implemented to satisfy patient’s demands, gain a competitive advantage and, at the very least, keep pace.  Lack of fresh thinking and too much red tape can stifle a practice’s growth; the opposite of the exceptional practice.  How nimble is your team to accept and embrace change?

These questions and more will be answered in Rhonda Savage’s webinar. You’ll take away tips that you can immediately put to use in your practice like:

Combating ap·a·thy:

Up Front, Positive Accountability:   A system

Hard, but good discussions

Transformational and Appreciative Leadership

3 ways to keep yourself accountable and grow your practice