Dynamic Dentistry


Besides being full of practice management ideas, systems, and success factors, this is a true workbook to be utilized as a form of not just reading but going back over the book to fill out the worksheets, the checklists and other activities…



Dentists and staff will enjoy the post chapter tests to determine their own strengths and weaknesses, schools will be able to use Dynamic Dentistry as a new text on management, and employers will be able to use the appropriate post chapter test as part of the interview process before hiring their next employees.

Dynamic Dentistry principles are comprehensive, but don’t be limited by what’s here. Customize the material to match your own unique practice-building challenges whether they concern communication, staffing, collections, insurance, marketing or scheduling for maximum productivity.

Share Dynamic Dentistry and your notes and ideas with the others in your office in a systematic way. Devote at least half a day per month or quarter to share information with other team members. Keep Dynamic Dentistry handy and refer to it often. This is not a sit on the shelf, once-and -done read! Dynamic Dentistry is a system of blended ideas and solid management systems for success. They come alive through application and implementation. Put them to work today! Books come with one set of post chapter tests.


(NOTE: The ADAA will grade these tests for ADAA Members complimentary for CEU credit and charge a nominal fee for non-ADAA Members.) If your business staff and assistants are not members of the ADAA, visit dentalassistant.org today for membership information. Dental team members who belong to their professional organizations have careers, others have jobs. (See 12-week in-office training kit for 5 free copies of Dynamic Dentistry.)