Dental Hygiene Growth: Bringing Dental Disease To Its Knees – Recorded Webinar




Dental Hygiene Growth:

Bringing Dental Disease To Its Knees 

Rhonda R. Savage, DDS 

Times have changed in the dental hygiene department.  Improved dental technology can help your patients maintain their health.  However, patients aren’t receiving treatment because they don’t schedule or follow thru with necessary treatment.  Since the economic downturn, more patients are breaking and failing hygiene than ever before, which should concern all dental health care providers.  Why are they failing, even if they have insurance remaining?

I believe patients are failing because they either don’t see the value in the hygiene appointment or are faced with financial concerns.  They avoid the hygiene appointment, even if they have dental insurance coverage, for the same reason patients avoid getting their blood pressure checked or stepping on a bathroom scale.  They don’t want the bad news. You can change this.

This webinar will address the following parameters:

  1. Diagnosing and making the recommendation
  2. Clean, direct and simple language that educates and persuades
  3.  How to ask, “Yes” questions and create value for the treatment the patient deserves
  4. Supplemental aids, which will increase case acceptance and lead your patient to health
  5. Education of current patients who need more treatment, yet say “Why can’t I be a normal cleaning again?” or, “I just want my teeth cleaned.”
  6. Develop an office Periodontal Protocol and get the entire team on board