Banishing the Broken Appointment- Recorded Webinar




“Banishing the Broken Appointment”
Are broken appointments, last minute cancellations and unmet case acceptance expectations “Driving You Wild?”
This revealing, informative course discusses those things you may be inadvertently doing in your practice that actually increase broken appointments.  Clearly defined policies within your office can improve customer service.  Get the entire team on board with creating value for the dentistry!
What you will learn:

  • Techniques to getting clients to accept your services or purchase your products
  • Build customer trust and rapport:  Customer service at its best!
  • Clearly defined late policies and last minute cancellation policies
  • The verbal skills you need to get and keep the patient on your schedule
  • Broken appointment letters
  • Clearly defined financial policies
  • Phone skills:  new patient, shoppers, emergencies
  • Treatment plan tracking and case acceptance