Your Phones: A “Joy!” or an “Ouch?”

Rhonda R. Savage, DDS How do we get the patient on board with the dentistry they deserve? First, you’ve got to get them in the door! The emotional side of the patient says, “I know I should do this, but I don’t want to….spend the money or go through the discomfort.” Learning and reviewing phone […]

Is Your Dental Office’s Website Really Working?

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Distractions are free and abundant in the digital world we live in. Some of them are annoying and others simply entertaining. Sadly, many of them are negative when it comes to getting new patients’ attention and genuine interest. Truth be told, that visitor you want to convert into a patient is a human being, who, […]

How Do You Work with Someone You Don’t Like?

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Rhonda R. Savage, DDS There are people you may work with that you’d like as a friend. In a working environment, however, you don’t like them because…. they’re lazy, negative or incompetent. They cause you to work harder to do your job and theirs, or they skate by on as little effort as possible and […]

Becoming a Leader’s Leader

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Become a Leader’s Leader by Training Your Staff to Lead By Rhonda Savage, DDS In the last year, I’ve been asked the same question over and over from doctors feeling the stress of staff and practice issues. As busy practice owners, these doctors see the frustrations of a loss of productivity, falling numbers and staff […]

The Likeability Factor

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Written by: Rhonda Savage, DDS CSP Have you ever noticed the individual who can connect with everyone they come into contact with? This person can make you feel special each time you meet them, have great social skills and are a pleasure to be around. A genius with social interactions, these people thrive on meeting […]